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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dishes Made by Me and My GF

When my girl friend, Miss Vivian , come to Hong Kong for her first time this July.

We have enjoyed quite a happy time.

Here, for the first post, I want to share some pictures of the dishes made by ourselves.

and in the following posts, I will post more about our vocation in Hong Kong. I think some of the experience are useful for those who want to come to Hong Kong in the coming days. Look forward to this blogspot :)


Anonymous said...

MMhhmmm . . . looks good :-)


Anza said...

hhhmmmm ... make me hungry now .. what the recipe for that ? ... :)

Anonymous said...

What ingrediance in that? Can i eat too? Ermm look delicious
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Save you money by browsing online travel pictures~ :-)